Sunday, July 13, 2008

The process of creation

Almost all of my more complicated creations begin in my head, in the periods of time either right before I fall asleep (which means I usually don't for some time) or in the process of waking up (which means I'll stay in bed for longer than usual to let the idea solidify).

Here's an example, a choker made with peridots and amethysts, with a keyhole cutout in the middle:

I've been making these styles of chokers for some time now, and my challenge is to make each one slightly different. After 10 or so, I'm experimenting more, so each one is still unique in some way.

I began making these completely by accident. When I was placing my order for split rings, I accidentally entered in a wrong number, so when I got my shipment, instead of the 6mm split rings I was expecting, there was a package of 1000 3mm rings! With the cost of return shipping, plus the restocking fee, it wasn't worth sending them back, so in one of those inspirational moments, this line was born, and later the idea for this particular variant of the design as well.

Here's a couple others, to show the range in how they can be finished:

Two different garnet chokers:

Swarovski Pearls:


One I kept for myself, black onyx and obsidian:


And the most recent, tsavorite garnet: