Saturday, December 5, 2009

Google Syndication and Item Feeds - Important Information for Etsy Sellers!

First off, check to see if your shop has a syndication feed or not here:

It'll either say "active" or "pending."

If you're active, it'll look like this:

Screen shot of active google product search syndication feed

If you're pending, it'll look like this:

Screen shot of pending google product search syndication feed

Keep checking back till you're in active status. I can't tell you when that will be, but if you check into this thread here on Etsy, they're answering questions.

Next, go to "Your Etsy":

Your Etsy is where?

Then, if you're active, in "your etsy", use the "select all" and "deactivate" buttons at the bottom of each page of your shop

How to deactivate items

Once you've done this, then go to the inactive items tab:

Inactive Listings is where?

"Select all" again and "activate".

How to activate items

And all your items are magically inserted. Just takes once - you don't have to do this for renews or new listings, as that's automatic, but your older listings aren't there yet. If you've got a custom arrangement in your shop, you'll lose it using this method, though - just a warning.


Dashery Jewelry said...

Thank you for this info!

Vintage ReInvented said...

Thanks for the info !

Ribasus said...

You are my hero. Thank you so much!

Brooke said...

Very helpful, thanks Vic!

KayzKreationz said...

I think they also said if you just edit your item and then click finish it will accomplish the same thing. That's what I did anyway. Hope it worked. But thanks for the post.

Designs by Victoria said...

Kayz - I'm sure that works too, but I've got 15 pages of items in my handmade shop and 20 in the vintage. That's a lot of items to edit! This is a much less consuming way to do this for people with large shops.