Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Jaeger fun

I still have to make the munchkin a pair of pants, but the coat for her Jaegermonster outfit is now complete.

Coat for the munchkin

It's a modded black women's blazer, with the front panels cut away and lacing added on the back.

Coat for the munchkin

The jacket's quite a bit big for her, but that means she'll have room to grow on, and when the sleeves get too short I can cut them and add in another stripe.

Monday, March 26, 2012

More blogging ahead!

I've been working on my outfit for Masquerade for this year's Norwescon, but the detailed pictures and write-up will not occur until after the con. Here's a teaser shot, though:


These horns were left behind in our basement by the previous owners when we bought our house. I've been meaning to do something with them for the last 8 years, and am finally getting off my duff to do it. Go me!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Even more hat making!

The Jagermonster outfits continue. There will be hats! I've got two of the three hats for the family finished now. Basic construction involved buckram and wire. I started with a hat for the munchkin first.

Jager hat making

The basic framework, with wires to support the sided. I then padded it with batting. The munchkin picked out her own fabrics, and picked this tapestry sample as the lining:

Jager hat making

Keeping this form in the back of my head for future reference, as it'd make a pretty cool crown.

Put the top on and it's starting to look a bit like a demented bishop's mitre:

Jager hat making

And the finished piece:

Jager hat making

Still looking for something to tack on to the center of the top, as it's a bit bare.

The hat concept I'd initially developed for my husband was something along the lines of a mad hatter tophat, but when I initially sewed the pattern pieces together for his hat, I really liked the boxy shape with the seams on the outside:

Jager hat making

Again, hoarding remnants comes in handy. He picked a bronze and black brocade and a milk chocolate brown corduroy for his hat:

Jager hat making

The buttons are antique brass military pieces that I found at a thrift store at Pike Place Market a couple of months ago.

One more hat and a jacket to go. Dere vill be jagers here, ya!