Tuesday, May 4, 2010


One of my fellow Jewelry on Etsy teammates was asking about different ways of displaying pieces today, and this prompted me to go back through my folders and upload a lot of images from past events that I'd never edited.

I've always tried to avoid traditional display bits as much as possible. I use some, but like finding the non-traditional pieces, as I think it gives my tables a more unique, eye-catching appeal.

Here's a few examples of creative displaying:

Display at the Washington Renaissance Fantasy Festival 2009

The folding display you see here is actually the insert piece from a dining room table. A little spray black spray paint on the felted underside and it now matches everything else, and I can pin into it. It's heavy enough, too, that I don't have to do much to prop it up. Heavy does make it a bit of a pain for transport, but I'll suffer a lot for a good versatile display piece.

Junior League Holiday Craft Show

Frames purchased from discount stores like Marshall's are another staple for my tables. I remove the glass, cut a piece of cardboard to fit and cover it with cloth, velvet or satin, and set it in. I can pin into the cardboard to hang necklace sets on these.

Display frame 1

Display frame 1

A few more frames I use for earrings and sets, of odd shapes.

Earring Display

And this one's a teaser - don't see earrings you like? Want some to match that necklace? Just ask! I can make them for you! I've had some events where the only things I sold were custom earrings that I made while customers were shopping. But get payment first!

EtsyRain Holiday Craft Show Display

This is a wine rack holder that I'm using for my parasols. It needed a little stabilization, a crosspiece zip-tied to the base, but otherwise it's perfect.


I found this large crystal point in a mineral shop about 15 years ago. It used to sit on a shelf, but it's perfect to drape bracelets over - gives customers a good idea of what it can look like on a wrist, without actually using a dummy hand.

Fred Hutch Holiday Craft Fair 2003

I don't use this piece anymore, but it served me well for years. It's a wall-mount mug rack that I spray painted. The husband made me t-stands to which it's tied, that I would clamp to the table, spray painted to match as well. This was when I was just doing one very simple style of necklaces as a sideline to the wire-wrapped glassware that used to be my main line. Bonus - picture of a very pregnant Victoria! This event was about 3 weeks before the birth of my daughter. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment.

Fremont Fair, 2009 - my display

The box I made for transport of the parasols. It can also be used to store ones I don't have opened up on display in plain sight. It's just cardboard that I cut and taped to shape, covered with wrapping paper and clear contact paper.

Fremont Fair, 2009 - my display

A couple of thrift store finds turned display pieces here - a white-enamel coated wire basket and a countertop mug stand that I spray painted again. Spray paint is your friend! Just make sure you are downwind from the car when doing it in the front yard. No, I am not speaking from experience - the husband always reminds me of this at least twice whenever I'm doing a spray paint job.

Oh, and don't forget this piece, that I posted a few weeks ago, meant to display my satin and velvet pouches:

Saving the glitter stand!

My display at Steampunk U

I have a few pieces of polished marble or granite that I drape necklaces over:

My display at Steampunk U

The other thing that's important is to have levels to your displays. If it's all flat, it doesn't draw the eyes as well. My risers are actually just cardboard boxes, that I transport flat then open up and fold the flaps together when I'm setting up.

Vampire Ball display


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I always admire people who can make eclectic display work -- like you have shown here. I'm afraid I'm rather conventional with my displays.

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Thanks Victoria for all the wonderful ideas!

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Great displays!

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Awesome displays!

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