Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birthday Waffles

Today is my husband's birthday! For a treat, I decided to go a little decadent for waffles for his breakfast.

Topping ingredients per person:
1 nectarine, peeled and thin sliced
~30 fresh blueberries
1/2 cup cherry wine.


I use this stuff, available at our local grocery.


We live in a neighborhood with a huge variety of ethnicities, so I can find lots of interesting things on the shelves. This particular cherry wine is imported from Croatia, and when attempting to describe it to people I use phrases like "gourmet cough syrup."

Simmer the fresh fruit down to almost jam-like consistency. Fresh whipped cream is a must! I added a little orange extract along with sugar to the mix. Noms!


I'm not a big sweet person in the morning, but I still did damage to mine.


*urp* Excuse me!


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