Saturday, August 11, 2012

Guardian of Enasalin Cosplay, Part II

It's been a bit, but I finally got another huge chunk of work done on this outfit. Part I is here for reference.

The pants have acquired a nice aged look after hanging from the eaves on our back deck for a month or so:


Here they are with a shirt I've made from the same fabric for comparison:


This time I concentrated on the padded underlayer for the vest.

enasalin 7

To reproduce the look of this fabric, I used some higher thread count cheesecloth, dyed pale blue, with a piece of the same navy broadcloth I used for the pants sandwiched in between 4 layers of the cheesecloth, with black stitching:


There's also a front panel in a pleated red fabric.

enasalin 8

I used a piece of red satin from the remnant bin for this:


To try to get the wrinkled look, I treated it like one of the silk broomstick skirts I used to live in in the '90s, dampening it and twisting it up to dry:


Once I started trying to assemble the padding, I realized that my 10-yard order of cheesecloth was about 2 yards short of what I needed for a full length underpiece. Bother. So I've ended up with a quilted bolero jacket. At least once it's on no one will know but me:


I didn't take the stitching far enough along on the back, so I'll be adding to it a bit:


I used the same red embroidery thread from the vest to finish the sleeve hems:


All put together:


The next step is the collar.

enasalin 4

To get the same look, I used embroidery floss.


There's actually three slightly different shades of brown floss. It took six skeins total to completely cover it:

Still needs the black details, and then I'll bind it with more of the corduroy fabric.

Next steps - the greaves and harness.