Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Costumer's Manifesto

I am a costumer

I make the mundane fantastic

I create extraordinary out of ordinary

My tools are my imagination and my creativity

My canvas is my body

I do so for no particular reason other than it brings
me joy

I haunt the thrift stores and yard sales, always looking
for possibilities, and stockpile them
for the day that inspiration provides a purpose

And that day comes after a night of dreaming or an
explosion of thought, and the pieces become a whole
and the whole is greater than the parts ever were

I am a costumer

My craft is transformation, changing myself through
mundane arts

I perceive the opportunities presented by the castoffs of
others, looking beyond the outward appearance and
drawing connections where there were none apparent

I strive towards the skills that will aid me in my
quest to transmute lead into gold, change water into
wine, and achieve my own personal wardrobe nirvana

I am a costumer

I am on a journey to explore all that can be made from
the found, and to meet others who share my love of the
creative process

I am on a quest, for the last item to complete the
perfect work not yet imagined except in the unplummed
depths of the subconscious

I am on a path with no end in sight, and no wish for an
end to be found, because I find endless delight
in the journey and the quest

I am a costumer

It's in the blood, in the brain, in the body, in the soul

And I would have it no other way

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