Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A long absence, but with good results

I've been experiencing technical difficulties. Firstly, I broke the screen on my laptop. Then, our home internet went haywire, and has remained so for the last two weeks. Bad in some ways, good in others, as I have completed over the last month eight new parasols:

Red Parasol/Umbrella:

Bronze and Black Parasol/Umbrella:

Steampunk Tan on Tan Vintage Parasol w/Ivory Lace:

Vintage Black Parasol with Pink and Ivory Trim:

Steampunk Vintage Tan Parasol with Brown Trim & Ivory Lace:

Vintage Tan Parasol with Ivory Trim and Green Lace:

Mustard Yellow Vintage Parasol with Olive Green Trim & Burnt Sienna Lace:

Black and Silver Vintage Parasol:


. c h o k l i t . said...

Absolutely fantastic!! So fun to see the bright colors... I love them.

Wenchie said...

Welcome back to the internets! I adore your parasols