Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today is my 11th anniversary as a business.

Castle Cake in Peach

On Halloween Day in 1999, I sold my wares at an event for the very first time. The show was appropriately called the Black Cat Festival, and was run by a lady who owned a candle shop. The shop is long gone now, and my wares have totally changed over the course of the last decade plus. When I started out, I was selling wire wrapped glassware as my main line, and jewelry was just an afterthought.

After about five years I got tired of lugging 6-8 totes of glass around to all my shows and breaking glass and storing 6-8 totes of glass, and decided to make jewelry my main line. And look where I am now!

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Miss Victoria's Vintage on Artfire

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BeadznBling said...

Happy Versaranary Vic!!