Sunday, April 8, 2012

Norwescon 2012

Another fine weekend spent at Norwescon. This was my lucky 13th year in attendance, and either my third or fourth now as a pro on the costume track.

nwc badge 2012

My badge was approved by the Ministry of Magic this year, and I got a Slyterin house badge as well.

As usual, there was costuming and geekery galore!

nwc predator jacket 2012

nwc riff 2012

nwc tardis 2012

I didn't get to attend too many panels, since I was talking on so many of then, but I did get to hear Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett talk about and read from their newest book, Frank Reade: Adventures in the Age of Invention:

nwc anina and paul 2012

The husband rocked in his new frock coat:

nwc paul 2012

And the munchkin did her darnedest to steal the show in her Jager outfit:

nwc jager 2012

Both Friday and Saturday evenings, I put on party shoes and we hit various shindigs in the party wing:

nwc shoes 2012

And of course, there was mischief managed.

nwc liz and me 1 2012

This year, I got to make myself a fuzzy critter at the Monster Mashup, a panel where we cut apart and reassemble stuffed animals. My critter was deemed especially disturbing, for some reason:

nwc monster mashup 2012

It was nicknamed "Little Squeaker" by the munchkin, as I found a squeaker from another disassembled stuffed animal and sewed in to my critter. It also made a new friend, as another attendee brought a little baby Cthulhu:

nwc monster mashup cthulhu 2012

We finished off the weekend watching the Muggle Quiddich matches, and the munchkin got to play a couple of rounds in the under-14 games:

nwc kiddich beater 2012

nwc kiddich 2 2012

Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

nwc the end is near 2012

The countdown now starts for Westercon and the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire.

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