Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Favorites

I've been out of the habit of doing these for quite some time.  Let's see if I can keep them going for a bit again.

Golden Aquamarine, by VickiDianeDesigns:

TARDIS - Blue, Black, and White Full Bustle Gown Costume, by lorian37:

Thor's Hammer - Mjolnir - Necklace - Avengers Jewelry, by EldritchArts:

 Medieval Renaissance Studded Arm Bracers Corset Lacing Style, by CurvyWench:


Green Carved Stone Pendant Featuring Two Bats, from ForetTwo:


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Trystan L. Bass said...

I love your posts, whether its about your own work or reviews of others, & I gave you a Very Inspiring Blogger award at