Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bracelet in progress. Please stand by

I always get so caught up in projects that I never take work in progress shots.  But one of the things I've been making myself try to do is take things in stages and take breaks in between, because as I age my body isn't as forgiving as it used to be.  10 years ago I could sit at the dining room table and wrap wire for 4 hours straight, but nowadays my neck and back get cranky with me, and let's not talk about how the wrists end up feeling.

I'm making this bracelet to donate to a charity auction later this year.  Much later - the auction isn't until November.  But the muse is standing behind me with a gun to my head, saying "YOU MUST MAKE THIS NOW!" so I am being an obliging craftsperson.  (Last sentence inspired by this mug from awesome author Jim Hines.)

rainbow chalice bracelet WIP

I love making these bracelets, but the suck up the silver like nobody's business.  There's 43 links to the length of box chain I am using, and there are 6 beads per link on the chain.  That adds up to 258 headpins.  But they look so pretty!

You can see here how I set things up, assembly-line fashion, when I'm making one of these pieces.  It makes things flow nicely and satisfies my obsessive compulsive tendencies.

Here's a couple examples of it will look when finished:

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