Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My birthday came early this year

Ever since my beloved old Nikon bit the dirt and I replaced it with my current Canon, I've been horribly missing the macro function the Nikon had, that the Canon needed a separate lens for.  I put it on my Amazon wish list and forgot about it for awhile.  When I went back and looked a couple of years later, it had doubled in price. I put it on the back burner again, and the next time I checked it had gone up another $200.  Bummer.  But last week, when I checked, I found a factory refurbished lens for almost half the current retail price for a new one.  It was still $150 more than it would have been if I'd just bought the silly thing when I first got the camera, of course, but that's water under the bridge now.  I shouldn't really have bought it, not when we just paid the taxman and car insurance last month, but if I'd let it go I would totally be kicking myself for months.

So here it is:

Previously I've been taking large pictures as close as the stock lens would allow, and then cropping images down in Photoshop.  No more!

Here's a couple of comparison shots between my stock lens and my new baby:

I'm going to have to play around with the depth of focus for a bit, obviously, but that won't be a hardship.

Off to go play now....


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