Monday, November 22, 2010

Votes for Women!

This month marks the 100th anniversary of woman's right to vote in our fair state! 100 years! It is time, dear sisters, to rise up and demand the same rights for our robot sisters and brothers! We have created them in our image, sentient metal beings, but deny them the same rights we give ourselves! Rise up and demand that our metal brethren be given the right to vote!

This month was the 100th anniversary of the vote for women in Washington State, so I wanted one of my outfits to commemorate this. There ended up being two variations, as I was working in the vendors room during the day and needed to be mobile, and wanted something a little more formal for the evening.

The day outfit, "Votes for Robots! Or Else!":

votes for robots or else

The night outfit:

hobble skirt

You can start to follow the construction trail here

Also, on Sunday, I wore what came to be called my "Lara Croft: Tombstone Raider" outfit, with Mr. Tombstone and the offspring in coordinating outfits:

Tombstone Raiders

Most of our outfits were thriftstore finds. My husband did the paint jobs on our nerfs. I made the bloomers for myself and my daughter, and the holsters, out of corduroy and reinforced with the thin flexible cutting boards to support the weight of the guns. The braid was made by Puppycatmeow, and my bracers were a custom set from FantasiesInLeather.

My new bracers

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