Sunday, May 15, 2011

What’s Old is New Again!

Today, I get to present my newest creations for the Artbeads Beaders who Blog program!****

The theme was "What’s Old is New Again!" and the challenge was to incorporate vintage or antique components into our pieces. Hey, I can do that! ;)

This time around I decided to do something completely different, and ordered a selection of resin cameos. I also got a length of some antiqued brass chain, and a fun hook and eye clasp. As usual, the ordering process was smooth and I received my new shinies speedily. It took me a bit to figure out what to do with them, as I don't normally work with undrilled pieces, but after some finagling I figured things out, and I'm quite happy with the results.

One of the cameos in an antiqued brass frame, with a combination of new and old chain for stringing, a hook and eye clasp in the shape of a bumblebee, and the tassel made from more vintage chain and a bit from an old necklace:

Brass Cameo necklace

Another cameo, with more new and vintage chain, accented by an antique glass pearl from another old necklace:

Brass Cameo necklace

The third was strung with several different styles of vintage chain, draped and layered:

Red Rose cameo necklace

Red Rose cameo necklace

The fourth, another of the smaller flower cameos on vintage chain with vintage copper colored glass pearls and glass beads:

flower cameo necklace

And the fifth I did as a choker with strung freshwater pearls, more vintage chain, and some antique crystal beads with the original black filigree bead caps.

Cameo with pearls and antique crystals

Cameo with pearls and antique crystals

****This post is a part of the ArtBeads Beaders who Blog program. They provide the beads to us free of charge, and we provide an honest review of their products. We are not paid to review or endorse them.


Leah said...

Hey Victoria, saw your beautiful necklace featured over on the artbeads blog - congrats!

Designs by Victoria said...

Thank you! I saw that and it gave me a warm fuzzy. I'm incredibly honored that they pictured one of my pieces, with all the incredible work that was submitted for this challenge.