Friday, May 20, 2011

Why ArtFire rocks!

I've been transitioning over from Etsy to Artfire over the last few months, for several reasons.

Firstly, my listings don't expire. I'm paying a flat fee per month, instead of having to renew things every four months, and there's no listing or transaction fees. Considering the number of items I have in dbvictoria and MissVictoriasVintage, that's a huge savings for me over the course of a year!

I also love the ease of listing over there - their one page format makes things so simple.

Plus, 10 pictures if you've got a pro account! Especially for my parasols, trying to show them off to full advantage with a limited number of shots was challenging.

Butterscotch Plaid Steampunk Lolita Parasol OOAK

Their front page rotation is tops, too. Did you know they've got a limiting system built in, where if someone's been on the front page or in a finds email, they can't be featured again for a set time period? So you always get to see fresh new artists!

And their checkout and invoice system has some handy little features too. It's got the option that I can click on an icon and it'll show that I've got the item packed and will send a message to the customer saying their purchase has been shipped.

I could blather on a lot more, but let me just say that I love being a seller here. They did a lot of listening to what people wanted, and have incorporated that into their site.

Become an ArtFire Pro with this link and get your 3rd month free!



MsPurplePearl said...

Okay... you convinced me. I actually was about to start posting my stuff to Etsy, but will try this instead. Thanks for the referral link, do you get a kickback?

Designs by Victoria said...

If I refer enough people, I get my pro account for free. That's a great goal to shoot for, yes?

Anonymous said...

awesome post, I like being able to upload more than 5 photos too!!

Tom Banwell said...

I just wish I had more sales on Artfire. I only got a tiny fraction of what I get on Etsy.

Designs by Victoria said...

My sales have been really slow on Etsy for some time now. I kept getting lost because I wasn't playing the renewing game. Sales have still been a bit slow on ArtFire, but I haven't been promoting much this year either. I'm still doing better there than I did on Etsy for the same time period, though. And I just broke individual 100,000 item views over there this week.