Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's chicken soup time again

I had described the process of making soup here, but hadn't included any pictures! I made more soup last night, and took some this time around.

How it starts out, with the whole raw chicken and veggies, making the stock:

chicken soup

After simmering, this is how the chicken comes out of the pot if I'm lucky:

chicken soup

If I get distracted and let it go too much longer, it completely falls apart, which makes fishing out the meaty bits a bit more challenging. And of course, this is Miss Nellie's favourite part of the process, as a bit or two usually falls off.

chicken soup beggar

In between warming my innards with a tasty bowlful, I've been listing again! I realized I had four parasols that had never found their way into my shop, and I finished two new necklaces this week as well. Here's the first set:

Hand Embellished Ivory Battenburg Lace Steampunk Parasol Bridal

Steampunk Brass Gear necklace with Vintage Brass Chain

Red Black and Ivory Geometric Steampunk Parasol OOAK Ruffled Trim

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