Monday, December 10, 2012

Follow-up from yesterday's post

Since yesterday afternoon, my images of the newlyweds at City Hall in Seattle have gotten almost 7,000 views.  It all started at about 3pm, when I got a message from the editor of LGBTQNation, asking if they could use a couple of my photos from the morning for their article on these historic events.  I said yes, and their article was published shortly after.  They used two pictures and linked to the set at the end.  A couple of hours after that, a reporter for Gay Star News contacted me, and their article used one of my photos as well, and linked to a slideshow of the whole set at the end of the article! 

I'm feeling a bit giddy.  I took about 250 pictures, and of them I picked 39 which represented to me the joy and wonder of the day, and those images are now being used to show that joy and wonder to the world.  It's a marvelous time we live in, both for the magic of the internet and the "growing up" of the human race.

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