Sunday, December 16, 2012

Seattle Santarchy in Verse with Pictures

Every year all across the country a bunch of folks get dressed up as Santa, or some permutation thereof, and go on a pub crawl.  It's called Santarchy.  I've always seen pictures after the fact and told myself I need to go next year.  I finally went this year.  Briefly, but I went.  It started in Seattle with a meetup at Cal Anderson Park in the Capitol Hill neighborhood at noon.  Who knows what time it ended.  Some Santas were probably stumbling home after last call this morning, I'd imagine. 

It was a brave gathering of Santas - temperatures were hovering around 40F and it was raining.  We even had a bit of sleet at one point.  I brought one of my embellished umbrellas/parasols, but I can't juggle it and the camera so it stayed in the car and I got wet.  I lasted for about two hours.  If the weather is better next year I'll stay out longer.  It was worth every minute, though.  I knew hardly a soul but had lovely conversations with strangers, enjoyed a cup of hot Earl Grey at a local watering hole, and came home with a few pictures of the shenanigans.

Santarchy 2012 in Verse:

Starting out the numbers were few. But the numbers grew and grew!

santarchy 2

Santas are festive.  Santas are fun.

santarchy 4

Santas have candy for everyone!

santarchy 10

Elves can also be naughty or nice.

santarchy 1

santarchy 26

santarchy 12

santarchy 17

Santas cater to every vice:

santarchy 14

santarchy 16

Reindeer are coming to take you away

santarchy 18

Toy soldiers march in to save the day

santarchy 20

santarchy 25

Children are warm with hats askew

santarchy 28

Santa's sporting a fu manchu!

santarchy 15

See the Santas all full of cheer

santarchy 23

And many more Santas to see next year!

Merry Christmas to all!  (And one particular Santa is wishing you a Merry Hanukkah!)

santarchy 11


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