Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More purple parasol fun

I tried something different with my latest parasol, creating a faux lacing pattern on alternating panels, in between sections covered in the sheer purple fabric with the silver spiderweb pattern I used on the previous piece. It was mainly a thrifty necessity, as I didn't have enough of the remnant left to do all 8 panels, but I've been wanting to try something like this for some time now, so it all worked out, right?

laced purple parasol in progress

Again, I'm hampered by color balance in photographs. I either get a blurry shot that is almost true to color, or a focused shot with the flash or sunlight where the purple turns cobalt blue. Blurry it is, at least for now:

Laced Purple Spiderweb Parasol with Purple trim

I do now have a couple of yards of a bright purple lace, so I'll probably be doing another iteration or two in this color combination in the near future.


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