Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two new necklaces!

I have a few pieces left over from the vintage necklace that resulted in this piece:

Black Cinnabar with a Twist

Some of the link loops had broken off of a few of the pieces. They're so nifty, though, that I've been trying to decide what I can still do with them. Well, today, I figured it out:

Victorian Necklace Vintage Silver Charm Blue Glass Beads on Sterling

That's a classic Victorian style, but the vintage bit gives it a slightly more modern twist, I think!

I've also had a necklace idea playing around in my head for a few months. I saw a piece at a local antique mall, from the late 1960s or early 1970s, and while I loved the style, I hated the materials. I have never been a fan of what I've always called the "scrambled egg" variety of amber, the bright yellow opaque kind, and that's what this necklace was made of, nuggets of this variety with brass chains. I've been thinking ever since that it would have looked so much better in crystal and silver. So here it is:

Rock Crystal and Vintage Chain Choker Silvertone Adjustable Length

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