Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BeyondCon 2011 Panel Programme

This year's theme for BeyondCon is the "Costumer's Chop Shop", taking place at the Inn at Gig Harbor this weekend!

Here's our schedule of events:

Friday 2/18/2011

8pm-10ish Hospitality Suite Costumer's Swap and Shop (the hospitality suite is potluck)

Costumer's Baby Shower

Saturday 2/19/2011

9 - 10 am Jonnalyhn Wolfcat Don't Reinvent the Wheel!

Internet and other resources

10 - 11 am Dorothy O'Hare Reblocking Felt Hats without breaking the bank

Using kitchen/everyday implements to reshape those older finds

11 am to 12 pm Melissa Quinn Unique Embellishments

12 - 1 pm LUNCH BREAK

1 -2 pm Melissa Quinn Forgeless Armor

2 - 3 pm Dave Tackett Demo - prop modifications

3-5 pm Anita Taylor Introductory Victorian Hairstyling Demo

5-7 pm Dinner Break

7 -10ish pm Sock Hop/Ice Cream Social
Enjoy the tunes, dance, enter the outrageous sock contest (with prizes) and enjoy sweet treats!

Sunday 2/20/2011

10-11 am Jonnalyhn Wolfcat Demo: Faux bas relief

11 am to 12 pm Hoshikage Basics of how to light your costumes

More than simply using Xmas lights, how to set up basic wiring and safety

12 - 1 pm LUNCH

1 - 3 pm Vicki Glover Hands-on Workshop: Faux Cloissonne

How to recreate jewelry effects with inexpensive everyday items (like nail polish!)

3-4 pm Victoria Shaffer One Man's Trash…

Making jewelry for steampunk and other conceptual art costumes

4 pm onwards Traditional End of BeyondCon Thrift Store Crawl!

Plus an All -Weekend Limerick contest, doll meetup and discussion groups in Hospitality Suite!

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