Friday, October 21, 2011

Art at the Moulin Rouge

Posting my events out of order, but hey, it's my journal! I'll post like I want to.

This last Wednesday I showed the parasols and the shinies at the Spiegeltent at Teatro ZinZanni, for their Art at the Moulin Rouge show.

Art in the Moulin Rogue Invite

This was the first event of this kind they've hosted here, and I hope there'll be many more.

The setting is magical:



I got to set up in one of the booths, which gave me a rare chance to display some of the parasols open on the benches!



And the mirrors all along the wall gave me a chance to play with camera angles.



It was rather sparsely attended, but that meant I got to have some marvelous conversations with the attendees. Spread the word - these are shaping up to be marvelous evenings!


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