Sunday, October 30, 2011

Exterminate Trick or Treaters! Exterminate!

The day was spent wielding sharp pointy things, in preparation for the hordes that will descend demanding treats tomorrow evening. I decided this year to do something a little different. It's funny, because practically the instant after I thought this would be fun, I saw two pictures flash by on my facebook page from friends of similar pumpkins. But hey, I will soldier on!

This year, I decided to do a Dalek pumpkin. I found this page on making a robotic Dalek pumpkin, but that was a little too ambitious for me. I loved the idea of using a melon baller to make the balls for the body, but I cheated and found an easier method. They instruct you to dig out the balls from the inside of the top of the pumpkin, and then stick the balls to the front with toothpicks. I found a better method, I think.


After cutting out the body lines, I used the melon baller to scoop directly out from the surface of the pumpkin.



Shave off the rind on the back and shove the scooped out bits back in:


And voila!



The munchkin remembered my pumpkin from last year and decided she wanted a spider on hers this time.


Now to go dig through the closet and find out what still fits in the costumes so I can scare the wee goblins tomorrow.


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