Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New shinies!

Working on some new pieces for Steamcon, which is only a week and a half away! Eep!

Steampunk Lolita OOAK Parasol Tan with Ivory Braid and Green Trim

Peach Pearl Steampunk Necklace with Engraved Antique Pocketwatch Part OOAK

Cobalt Blue and Crystal Steampunk Necklace on Sterling Wire OOAK

Wing'd Key Steampunk Necklace Silver Key Turquoise with Vintage Beads OOAK

Vintage Red Glass Steampunk Necklace with Engraved Watch Piece Silver OOAK

And here's a few that I haven't listed yet, because, well, I'm lazy and hoping they'll sell at the con and it'll save me the time and effort of putting them in my ArtFire shop.

brown tan umber parasol-1

blue miracle bead brass steampunk necklace

seahorse silver necklace

Blue glass key

10 days and counting!


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