Monday, November 14, 2011

Filling the shop with more shiny things

What better to do when I'm procrastinating filling out the paperwork my doctor's office sent me in preparation for my annual check-up than listing more jewelry? I'm not looking forward to my physical this year. I did just turn 40, and that means I get to start having my breasts made into waffles. Er, I mean, it means I get to start having annual mammograms. I've had two already, once when I was pregnant because the doctor I saw for this, not my regular GP, wasn't satisfied when I told her my breasts normally felt like that, and later when I was having some issues that resolved themselves when I seriously cut back on my caffeine consumption.

Am I making you squirm yet? :D

Our local public radio station does Public Service Announcements reminding women to get their "annual streaming mammograms" except the person doing the PSAs slurs his words a bit so it came out sounding like he said "annual SCREAMING mammograms." How appropriate.

But since we're on the subject, did you know there's an app that sends you a reminder to do your monthly self-exam? It's called the "Your Man Reminder". Why is it called this, you ask? Watch and learn!

(I chose the doctor.)

Now here's a few shiny things to take your mind off of the need for a cold shower:

Cobalt Fancy Steampunk Brass Neckalce Draped with Vintage Chain OOAK

Faceted Vaseline Glass Bracelet on Sterling with Toggle Clasp OOAK

Faceted Garnet Earrings with Pewter Celtic Knot on Sterling Earwires

Steampunk Gear Earrings with Opalized Glass on Sterling Earwires

Amber Glass and Brass Steampunk Necklace Crystal Vintage Chain OOAK

Orca Earrings - glass on silver earwires

Cherry Amber Nugget Drop Pendant Necklace on Sterling Silver Box Chain

Faceted Black Onyx Earrings on Sterling Silver Earwires


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