Sunday, November 13, 2011


Whoever said Goths are all gloomy and mopey and can't crack a smile without their face splitting in two and then evaporating into a poof of bat filled mist has never hung around with the goths in my neck of the woods. We get silly at the drop of a velvet hat, and next weekend is no exception. A bunch of us have been scouring the thrift stores for suitably sparkly and garish attire for an event we'll be attending, our own little German Sparkle Party.

Wait. You don't know about the German Sparkle Party? Well, let me educate you:

Anyways, it's only a week away and I've been despairing because I hadn't yet found anything to wear. But today, when I was on a fruitless hunt for pint canning jars at multiple thrift stores, I happened to see something sequined peeking out at me from the bottom of the dress rack at Goodwill.

sparkle party dress alteration 1

Yes, I found a lavender sequin gown. But as a sheath, even with all sequins and the obnoxious color (well, obnoxious to me anyways - that's a color I would have sworn I'd never be caught dead in), it's still rather staid for the event. But no worries, I have skillz!

sparkle party dress alteration 7

I cut off the bottom ~2/3 of the dress on a diagonal and used the fabric to make a ruffle for the hem.

sparkle party dress alteration 5

Now to acquire rubber boots. And feathers.

Do YOU have your party pants?



The Tote Trove said...

I haven't visited your blog for ages, but this lavendar sequin stunner stopped my dashboard surfing in its tracks! I love what you've done with it, especially the ruffle.

Designs by Victoria said...

Why thank you! It's always fun to play around with the things I find while thrifting.