Saturday, February 23, 2013

More jonesing for spring

Today we went to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show and looked at pretty landscaping.

garden show 8

They even had a hobbit hole, and all the plants were native to New Zeland:

garden show 5

There were shiny things:

garden show 11

garden show 20

And art:

garden show 3

garden show 2

garden show 16

They had an activity for the kids, where they had to fnd a coconut hidden in every one of the 25 garden displays.

Some were easily spotted.

garden show 6

Others were camouflaged:

garden show 38

Upon completion of the hunt, the kids were presented with sunflower seedlings.  We're already plotting where they should be planted.

There were several displays I could happily imagine myself relaxing in:

garden show 15

garden show 10

And there was whimsy for all different kinds of folks:

garden show 30

garden show 44

Afterwards, there was tasty brunch at Dahlia Lounge, and now it's cuddle time.


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