Thursday, February 21, 2013

New life to old wings

I made these wings over a decade ago for a succubus outfit, and they've been sitting on top of a stack of boxes in the corner of my sewing room for ages.


wings original

I've been planning on using them with this outfit, but the years haven't been entirely kind and they were starting to come apart in some places.  The framework was still sound, though, so I decided to just recover them in new fabric.  (They were originally done with a pair of queen-sized black pantyhose.)

I had some stretchy velvet left over from a previous project, an opera cape.

wing fabric

And it worked out beautifully on the old framework:

wigs recovered

I'm still going to do something with the tips, maybe sculpt claws out of clay.   The dress will have two sets of grommets for lacing so I can wear the harness underneath, because I always like to make my life more complicated!

The dress body is 90% assembled - there's no good reason why it isn't further along except that I've been lazy.  That will be rectified soon, though.  I promise.


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