Thursday, January 14, 2010

A year in the making, day 133

New book love! I'm in the middle of a trilogy the husband picked up a few months ago, and he's been nagging me to read it ever since he was about halfway through the first book. It's the Night Angel trilogy, by Brent Weeks, and it's a fantastic read. I stayed up till 2am last night to finish the second book, and had to forcibly make myself go to bed and NOT start the third book.

The books did nearly cause a major tragedy, though. Because of the shortage of sleep, and an impending PTA meeting, I decided a little caffeine was in order. The cat is still alive because the bottle of Coke she jostled when she missed jumping off the sofa wobbled and fell to the right onto the living room carpet instead of to the left and all over the laptop keyboard.


Another Steampunk necklace today - I've got a bunch of lovely watch parts stashed that I should be doing something with, as they're entirely too gorgeous to languish away unused and unappreciated. And I seem to be on a pearl kick again, but that's alright, yes? Who can resist pearls?

Steampunk Y-Necklace with Antique Watch Part and Freshwater Pearls

I also listed the multi-strand piece from earlier this week:

Steampunk OOAK Gray Pearl Antique Glass Multi Strand Necklace Earrings


capitalcitycrafts said...

your necklaces are simply amazing!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Lovely necklaces. Love your picture of the boy.