Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A year in the making, day 139

It's not finished yet, by a long shot, but here's a picture of the second knitmonster - just starting the 5th color:

Knitmonster #2 - a work in progress

I was planning on working on this some more this evening, but my left arm is very sore from a shot I got today - I'm participating in an HIV vaccine study through Fred Hutchinson and the University of Washington. Today was my first vaccine injection, and it looks like I'm having one of the common reactions, as my arm feels like it was punched hard by someone that knows what a punch is. To call it a shot is a misnomer, as it was actually applied by a compressed air delivery system, but saying "shot" is so much easier.

So tonight, instead of making the sore muscles twitch, I will baby myself and eat Oreos. Mmmm ... Oreos. Milk and cookies - it does a spirit good.

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