Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another talented jewelry

Today I am again cleaning - another evening of making order out of chaos. How does chaos encroach so quickly? I am making inroads, though. I have a huge box of cardboard broken down for recycling, another pile of trash, and am properly putting away things in my sewing room.

Will be taking a break shortly for the monthly PTA meeting. I've been feeling guilty because I completely forgot about the last two. Bad parent! No cookie for you! (The Girl Scout Cookie Mint Chocolate Wafer ice cream is another story.)

Taking a break and a breather (the dust accumulates almost as fast as the chaos), and looking at some of my Jewelry on Etsy teammates' shops again. Today you get to see some of the creative, fashionable, and affordable handmade jewelry from AdroitJewelers.

This is one of her current featured pieces, her Deep Blue Sea Necklace, a cobalt blue piece of water washed glass, elegant in its simplicity.

She also has a wonderful section of non-pierced earrings. Even though I've got way more holes in my head than a body should sport, these still tempt me. Check out these beauties with peridot green Czech glass:

So dangerous!

*sigh* Need to clean more. Back I go.


capitalcitycrafts said...

Great talent Adroit is for sure! Thanks for sharing this great handcrafted jewelry shop.

Made By Tammy said...

Fantastic feature and jewelry!

AdroitJewelers said...

Thank you so much!