Monday, April 5, 2010

A year in the making, day 213

Back in the saddle again. Or the pilot's seat!

I was at Norwescon this past weekend, doing costuming panels. Here's my outfit for Thursday evening's Dieselpunk panel:

Dieselpunk Aviatrix

The pants are a pair of very large men's chinos that I turned into a pair of faux-jodhpurs. A tuck at each hip, and I also added grommets at the legs to cinch them in. Instead of lacing I tea-dyed some elastic. The belt is actually two belts, one a vintage weight-lifting belt I found at the same thrift store at which I acquired the pants, and another belt I had stashed away because I found it at another thrift store some time ago and found it nifty.

Limiting my computer use so I don't undo all the progress I've been making with the arm feeling better, so I'll up date with pictures from the rest of the con and also the Vampire Ball from the weekend previous tomorrow.


Tome Wilson said...

Very fun. Love the coat.

How hot did it get at the event?

Designs by Victoria said...

It was slightly overly-air conditioned in the hotel, which is pretty standard.