Thursday, April 22, 2010

A feature for Thursday

Or two - two more of my fabulous Jewelry on Etsy teammates!

Firstly, Shazzabeth, over whose wirework and chainmaille jewelryI've literally been lusting over for years:

Pretty in...
Pretty in... by dbvictoria

My all time favorite piece, that will be the one of the first things I buy when I win the lottery, is her Medieval Onyx & Pearl Chainmalle necklace:

And how about these beautiful antiqued brass beauties by The Brass Hussy:

Beautiful Blues...
Beautiful Blues... by dbvictoria

How can you not love a shop with a name like that? I've never been a fan of gold jewelry, but I've grown to love the muted tones of antiqued brass, like in this lilac purple flower necklace:

Probably taking a creation break tonight, although I might be able to convince myself to work on a parasol later tonight. We'll see. It depends on whether tonight's episode of Supernatural is new or a repeat, most likely.

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