Friday, July 26, 2013

Pride and a wedding

I'm in the enviable and unheard-of position of having my costuming for Steamcon V finished three months early!  (I still have to sew something for the munchkin and the husband, but hey - three months early!)

Each of the outfits was made for a previous event, but I've now got enough in the "new" department to satisfy that little voice in the back of my head that says "but I've got nothing to wear!!!"

The first came about after I was gifted some fabric, a lovely chartreuse stretch piece and some lightweight satin in a pattern of peacock colors.  The outfit's first use was for Pride, as there was pretty much every color of the rainbow but red in the fabric, and I covered that with my hair.  Also, there's a fine  tradition at cons here, of what's called the "hangover detection outfit."  These are worn on Sunday mornings at cons, and are meant to tweak the folks who may have overindulged a wee bit on Saturday night.  Achievement "Eye Burning Brightness" unlocked!

Here's the outfit, and I borrowed one of my parasols from the shop for the day:

pride 1

In past years I've marched with the Seattle Goths for the parade, but this year Steamcon represented, so we joined them.  Luckily I got a few pictures, as we were all the way at the end so not many surfaced after the parade.

pride 7

This year's theme was Marriage Equality, so I made us all sashes especial:

pride 9

And here's the whole group of us:

pride 10

The second outfit I'm including here was made for friends' fancy dress-up wedding.  It started, as so many outfits do, with a pair of drapes I found at a thrift store.  This is how I accidentally wandered into Steampunk, by the way!

Steampunk Lady Scientist

The drapes consisted of two kinds of brocades in matching colors, bronze and black.  One was a Victorian wallpaper pattern, and the other was 1/4" stripes.  The wallpaper fabric became the skirt and the stripes the drape and bustle.

Someday I'll do a tutorial on this, I promise.

The edges of the drapes were finished with tasseled trim, but there wasn't enough to finish the drape so I used some beaded fringe there:

bronze black bustle skirt front

bronze black bustle skirt back

I finished up the parasol an hour before the wedding:



I was taking pictures during the reception and accidentally shot myself.  But it's cool.


And here's the other outfits that will round out my Steamcon costuming this year:

Tan velvet brown fur 4


trench to tails 11


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