Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Year in the Making, day 167

Another bright sunny beautiful cold day. And I have finished knitmonster #2! Well, except for tucking in all the yarny end bits. Pictures tomorrow, I hope. The danger of working free-form - this one is shorter and wider than the last one. A natural progression of the passage of time, right?

Here's a new necklace, in lieu of knitmonster pictures. I'd made a strung choker with these lovely offset drilled teal pearls, but I dropped one in the process. I found it a few days later, rolled under the sofa, and have been sitting on this single lonely teal pearl for a couple of years now. So today I paired it up with more freshwater pearls in a complimentary shade:

Teal and Pale Green Freshwater Pearl Y Necklace

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