Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Year in the Making, Day 171

I'm playing with eggs again, having a piece sealed up antiquing. The chain I used is being stubborn, though. My first attempt, with this citrine necklace, turned just a few hours, whereas today's has been sitting since 9am this morning and the necklace is just starting to darken. Here's the original, vintage findings and a faux turquoise bead:

Turquoise necklace before antiquing

The bead itself seems to be a polymer made to look like turquoise, and the bead caps are vintage, salvaged from a necklace with badly damaged beads.

Salvage is the game of the day, as the second piece I made is entirely from repurposed broken jewelry. I had a broken chain, another broken necklace with just a few beads left, and a single earring. Combined, they made this:

Green and Silver Upcycled necklace

I also cooked a real dinner this evening, for the first time in what seems months. I sauteed beef tips in a red wine reduction with garlic and onions, and served it up with some risotto tossed in olive oil and parmesan, and a side Caeser's salad. Tastyiness ensued. *urp*

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