Friday, July 2, 2010

A Year in the Making, day 304

Remember I talked about having cantaloupe with the lavender custard last night?

Cantelope in custard

Yeah, it was tasty.

Hubby grilled steaks for us, along with corn on the cob. Nothing in the world like roasted corn on the cob. I have very fond memories of growing up, going to the Wisconsin state fair. They'd have these huge ovens, like pizza ovens, in which they'd roast the corn, and then they'd pull them out, shuck 'em and wrap the husks in paper towels, then dip the ears in melted butter and hand it to you. The home grill isn't quite as good as memory says, but it still rocks. I also had a filet mignon, perfectly rare. Life is good.

Spent today playing in monochrome - I found these frosted matte glass beads in grey and black awhile back, and then a few days ago found the perfect pendant to accent them:

Matte Black and Silver Multi-strand Necklace with Glass Leaf Pendant

I also started a project that I've been mulling for years this evening, and hopefully will get a chance to finish it this weekend. A few years ago I came across a piece of antique green cinnabar, carved in the shape of a butterfly.

Cinnabar Butterfly

I'd found some beads to go with it, faceted discs of green and black. At least I thought they were black. I wanted to mix it with straight black beads, and I'd finally picked up some black onyx last month, so I pulled them all out today to start work. I put the beads next to each other on the dining room table, in afternoon light with the french doors open, and I realized these beads weren't green and black. They shaded from green to puce to purple! So I made an emergency run to the bead store and found some deep purple fluorite rounds. I did a little bit with it today, and it seems to be coming together. I don't know that I'll get a chance to work on it until Monday, though, with the upcoming festivities for the holiday weekend. So stay tuned, green and purple Victorian goodness is in the works!

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