Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Year in the Making, day 319

I've had this piece for at least two years now, waiting for the idea to bloom, an antique piece of carved green Cinnabar, from the Victorian era. I found the perfect glass beads to go with it about a year ago, faceted discs of green that shaded into what I thought was black. I wanted black faceted onyx to go with them, and I found those about a month ago. The pieces all acquired, I sat down to start putting it together.

My current workspace is at the kitchen table, right next to the French doors to the deck, started wrapping, and when I saw the glass beads in direct sunlight for the first time next to the black onyx, I realized they weren't black and green after all. Instead, they shaded from green to a puce color into deep purple. Oops!

So I went looking again, and found some rounds of purple fluorite, and then I started over again. Been working on this bit by bit all week, as my allergies have been making life ... interesting, shall we say?

Antique Cinnabar Butterfly by *dbvictoria on deviantART

Haven't listed it yet, as I'm not completely comfortable selling something made of real cinnabar, that could come into direct contact with someone's skin.

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