Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Year in the Making, day 322

Today, the eyes were happy! Yaaaa! I wore my contacts for only about an hour and a half yesterday, then went back to my glasses. I realized this afternoon that I hadn't put them in their soaking solution, and they just sat overnight in a bit of water from when I rinsed the case out. So I'm trying an experiment today, thinking that maybe, just maybe, my eyes had suddenly decided they didn't like the solution I've been using. I got a different brand of solution and am giving this a go tonight. Cross your fingers for me, okay? I have to do an awful lot of driving tomorrow.

I did two variations on the same design of earring today, a longer and shorter version. I usually go for longer styles, because small ones get lost in my mane, but some of my friends like the smaller decorations. They have pearls, of course!

Short Red Crystal and Freshwater Pearl Dangle Earrings on Sterling

Long Red Crystal and Freshwater Pearl Dangle Earrings on Sterling

There's really just over 1/2" difference between the lengths of these two pairs, but it looks like so much more, doesn't it?

We will be snacking soon on the husband's infamous crab dip. It was supposed to be eaten at a party today, except I did a boner and got the date wrong - realized at about 12:30 today that the party was actually last night! Color me a heel.

Gratuitous food shot before I sign off for the evening, last night's dinner (with the husband's beer - my Pimms' cup was mostly empty by the time this was ready to eat):

BBQ Pork and Carrots

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