Saturday, September 11, 2010

A day of photographs

As opposed to "A Day in Photographs," which I've done previously. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today and I was so tempted to go out and play, but I've been fighting a nasty cold/cough all week, and really needed to make myself relax and stay home and be good, so today I picked one section in my Etsy shop, my Y-Necklaces, and redid a bunch of the pictures.

My old pictures were taken on a remnant of ivory satin. I'd started in the last year using first a piece of white on white embroidered fabric, and then started switching in between some sheets of scrapbook paper too. But I had some of those older pieces there still, and I've been meaning to update them. I'm feeling very accomplished today. Well, except when I realize I spent almost 6 hours today, and then look at all the pictures I still have to retake. But I'll worry about that later.

For reference, here's some before and after shots:

Amber Glass Bead Y Necklace with Pewter Celtic Knot

Amber Glass - Before


Black Swarovski Crystal Cube Y-necklace with Pewter Celtic Knot

Black Swarovski Cubes - before


Red Garnet and Rainbow Moonstone Y Necklace Choker with Pewter Celtic Knot Bead

Garnet & Moonstone - before


Goldstone Y Necklace with Pewter Celtic Knots

Goldstone - before


I think it's quite an improvement. Variety is good.

While I was going through doing the retakes, I found six necklaces I'd never actually listed, as well as three pieces that I seem to have sold at shows but never remade. I know what I'll be doing tonight now!

Here's the new listings:

Sunstone Y Necklace with Pewter Celtic Knot

Purple Jade Y Necklace with Pewter Celtic Knot Bead

Amethyst Y Necklace with Pewter Celtic Knot

Red Fire Polished Glass and Pewter Celtic Knot Y Necklace

Brown Banded Glass Y Necklace with Pewter Celtic Knot

Waiting impatiently now on my potatoes to finish baking and steaks to finish grilling.


Beadsme said...

Well done with the pics, Miss Vic.

SilverSmack said...

Nice job on the retakes. . .

Cathy said...

Nice photos!

Pretty necklaces, too!!

Made By Tammy said...

Great Job!
Beautiful jewelry!