Sunday, March 14, 2010

A day in pictures

Another long picture post, starting from last night's dinner:

Chicken mozzarella

Boneless chicken breasts, flattened, filled with a mixture of tomato paste, minced garlic, fresh oregano, and salt and pepper. Rolled, topped with more of the tomato mixture and baked. Pasta tossed in a white wine reduction, with a dollop of cream and remaining tomato mixture whisked in just before serving.

Today, we started out at Top Pot Donuts. Mmm .. chocolate iced custard donuts - manna from heaven!

They've got a fun little display, an old TV cabinet set up with a vintage picture:

Top Pot "TV"

And the two side walls are covered in floor to ceiling classic leather-bound books:

Top Pot bookshelf

Munchkin shows off her new Barbie (we went to the toy store because she WAAAAANTED new Legos. She's worked for the last two weeks to earn them, but as soon as we walked in the door and she saw this Barbie, Legos were history)

Mermaid Barbie

From there, we moved on to the Emerald City ComiCon. 11 years living in Seattle, and this is the first time we've ever attended. Shame on us!

Of course, we had to make a beeline for one particular booth:


The crowds were fierce, but the munchkin was ready to defend us from the masses:


My photos of Wil Wheaton didn't turn out, unfortunately, but I did get to see Lou Ferigno! What a walk down TV memory lane:


His forearms are still bigger around than my thighs, I'd say. !!!

I didn't get up the nerve to go and talk to him. But, really, what man wants an almost 40-year-old-woman gushing at him about how she loved The Incredible Hunk when she was a child? If I'd even managed to get that much out in a coherent fashion. Gak.

I waited in line for a good forty-five minutes to get a Toy Story drawing from Nate Watson on the cover of the ComiCon special edition comic for the munchkin.


She was ecstatic, and he seemed to be amused by her reaction.


A couple of the costumes I saw, standing in line:

ComiCon 2010



Husband found this to be intensely amusing:


So inanimate and slothful they weren't even there!

And to top the day off, we spotted the Batmobile on our way home!


After changing clothes and getting a spot of lunch, we headed to the park, where I finally got pictures of the bridge there - been meaning to do that for about seven years now! But I always forgot my camera.

The Trestle Bridge

(More pictures here)

There were also ducks to be fed:

Ducks in the pond

Mating season seems to be upon us, as there was much posturing and flapping:

Ducks in the pond

Also managed to get a couple of very nice shots of my handsome husband:

The husband

And now I am home, buried in purring kitty again, and sipping on my new favorite poison, Mike's Hard Mango Punch.

Oh, and the outfit for the day, the basic framework for my gunslinger outfit:

The Gunslinger by *dbvictoria on deviantART

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