Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On bookkeeping

I spent the evening entering all my sales and expenses into my 2010 spreadsheet today instead of playing with the sparklies and shinies. I'm always very good at it normally up until about June or July and then I slack off, and am always scrambling at the beginning of January. Every year I say it won't happen this year. We'll see if I'm saying that again in 2011, yes?

I've also started using my stylehive account again. You can peek through my virtual closet and jewelry box here:

Now all I need is a winning powerball ticket.

Yesterday's mystery stone, by the way, is most likely dyed serpentine, with dyed turquoise as the runner-up. My JETs came through again, helping me with the identification!

Now I'm putting down the laptop and stepping away from the virtual world for the evening. I've got that feeling behind my eyes that says unless I go baby myself I could possibly come down with a migraine. Don't want that. Nope.

G'night, all!

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