Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Year in the Making, day 189

I was going to make a big post about being halfway through my year in the making, but I just realized I missed it by a week! Boo on me!

So I'm halfway plus one week through my year of creating and blogging. Over the hump, rolling downhill, and as an earlier previous post proves, collecting moss along the way! I'm still ahead of the game. As of today, I'm at 241 items in 189 days! Go me!

Today's piece, calling out for spring to come back, because we went back to cold dreary rainy weather after a week of gorgeousness:

Dangling Flowers - Lavender and White Glass

Whenever I think of flowers and jewelry, I think of one of my fellow Jewelry on Etsy teammates, Erika Price. She makes the most gorgeous jewelry, with lampwork beads, and my favorites are the pieces she makes with flower glass beads, like these Pink Violet Pansy earrings:

And my favorite, the Symphony Opus 8 necklace:

Yeah, I'm jonesing for my springtime. Bring it on, Mother Nature!


Silver Canyons said...

Wow do these pictures just pop!! Great write up Vic!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Wonderful pieces. Congratulations on 1 year plus 1 week of blogging