Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Overcoming and being conquered

So last night after making my post, I realized that while most of my normal crafting pursuits would put strain on my left arm, there was one that I could do mostly one-handed - stringing! The beads went into a shallow lipped tray, and with my right hand I managed to string the beads with very little difficulty.

I had to make a few loops with the wire with both hands in order to secure my strands to the clasp, but those were minimal, and I prevailed! I made multi-strand strung necklace. I have pictures of it and everything. I'd post it, except the PC won't recognize the memory card from the camera. Gah, I say.

I am also being given a raspberry by the printer. Since all my technology is being uncooperative, I'm going to go wash my hair and retire to the sofa with a graphic novel.

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