Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Year in the Making, day 184

Time to get back to work! Spring is here, my tulips are beginning to poke their little heads out, and I'm hitting the green box. I've also got some gorgeous 3mm peridot Swarovskis coming soon.

Tulips are a very vivid childhood memory for me. There's a lot of Dutch blood in our American mongrel pedigree, and my mother had these amazing tulip beds when I was growing up. I remember the catalogs coming every fall, and her picking out the new varieties to add to her beds.

Here's a necklace from yesterday, March's birthstone.

Bloodstone chunk necklace

The second piece, mixing some brand new pearls with one of the last of the most amazing fluorite beads from the stash:

Green Chinese Fluorite and Freshwater Pearls