Friday, August 27, 2010

What a fabulous window treatment!

One of my all time favorite movies has got to be In and Out. The title of today's post is from that movie, and gets said on a fairly regular basis in our household.

The husband called me last night from the big box hardware store, saying he'd found some curtains that he thought could work for the living room. There followed a rather comical series of events of me trying to use my cloth measuring tape to measure our living room picture window while also trying to talk to my husband on our respective cell phones. It was determined that they were long enough, and although three would probably cover it, he might as well go ahead and get all four of the drapes they had in the clearance section.

He brought them home, and they are beeeautiful! We spent about an hour trying to get them up, struggling with not having the right curtain rod, but we are both incredibly stubborn people, and we prevailed!

living room curtains

Shiny burgundy curtains! My favorite color! My husband loves me. I am a happy kitty.

Of course, once we got the old drapes down we realized how absolutely filthy the sheers were, and let's not talk about the windows themselves. Ick! But now the glass is clean and the sheers are white again, and life is good.

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