Monday, August 30, 2010

A year in the making, day 364

The munchkin got a lesson today in Caveat emptor today. We went to the thrift store this morning to get her a couple of new pairs of pants as most of her current pairs are halfway up her shins, the little beanpole. We were in the checkout line and she found a treasure she HAD to have - a Barbie digital watch. She begged and pleaded, and agreed to repay me out of her bank when we got home, so I let her buy it. We got it home, opened it up, and were trying to figure out how to turn the watch on. Turns out that they were donated because the battery had died before whatever store that was carrying these had sold them. Doh!

This afternoon I started re-tagging a lot of my older stock in preparation for this weekend's event, as the original tags were looking a little the worse for wear, and of course, I'm also double checking to make sure all my newer pieces were tagged as well and guess what? I found two necklaces that weren't tagged because I'd not only never listed them, but apparently never photographed them either! Who knows where these fit in now, as I made them some months ago. But here they are now, just under the wire:

Butterfly Necklace with Caramel Swarovski Crystals

Turquoise and Rice Pearls Necklace

And one more pair of earrings, to replace a pair I sold last week:

Green Garnet Dangle Earrings

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