Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Year in the Making, day 334

It's August 1st! This is month 12 of my year in the making. Including today, that's only 31 days to go! And I got off on my count again, because with 31 days left of 365, I should be on 334. I'm good at math. Really I am. This is just my trying to see if you're paying attention! Really!

We went off to the beach this morning, a semi-regular Sunday tradition, for toasty beverages and so the husband and munchkin can throw rocks in the water together. Then we got home and started planning for next weekend, which is the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Festival. And my husband uttered 8 fateful words.

"What is Gwendolyn wearing for Faire this year?"

Oh, (*censored*)! One of her dresses still fits, but we'll probably go for both days. I've always represented the fantasy contingent, and my daughter has loved to go as a fairy the last few years. Normally I plan better and go buy fabric, but today I just dug through the fabric stash. Of course, my stash is full of "my" colors, black and burgundies. So this year, it seems the munchkin will be representing the dark fey, the unseelie court.

Black and Burgundy Gown with Fuzzy Cloak

I'm going to be working on wings for the both of us over the next few evenings.

Did manage to get another necklace made this morning as well:

Purple Fluorite Y Necklace with Pewter Celtic Knot

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