Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Year in the Making, day 338

Can I fly? Maybe with a little pixie dust. We may not fly, but we'll definitely flutter beautifully.

Two pairs of wings

Considering myself lucky to still be here today. I was almost the casualty of a sneak arachnid attack this morning. I was driving up to downtown Seattle this morning, 60mph on the interstate, when all of a sudden a spider crawled out of the air vent in the middle of the dashboard, right next to the steering wheel. I did not squeal like a girl, throw my hands up in the air, and crash my car, but the urge was mighty.

It was okay for a bit, as Mr. 8-legs crawled up the dash and hung out for a bit where the dash and window meet. But then he crossed the line. He started crawling up the inside of the windshield directly towards me.

I grabbed one of my file folders from the passenger seat, and squashed him. Or so I thought!

There he was, splayed across the glass, no movement, legs in odd positions, and I figured I'd just dig out a napkin and swab him off when I got parked. Drove on for about another five minutes, and either I'd stunned him or he was playing possum, because he started crawling towards me again.

Luckily this point I'd hit northbound end of rush hour traffic and was down to <20mph, so I could really give him the what-for with the folder. Six to eight more smacks, and he was a little curled up upside down ball on the dash. I kept checking for the rest of the trip to make sure that he wasn't going to uncurl and make another dash at my nose. *shudder*

So I survived unscathed, except for probably a few more grey hairs.

(For those who might be crying Spider Foul! I've had some bad reactions to spider bites. Not extreme, but enough to make me miserable for a day or two with nausea & fever and swelling. I normally try to live and let live, but this was too close for comfort.)

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